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Adhip Gupta

Let your faith be bigger than your fears.

I am a Software Engineer from Jaipur, India and currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science with specialization in Computer Networks from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California.

Operating Systems | Networking | Software Development

Security | Web Development | 2D & 3D Designing

Aeronautics | Mobile App Development | Animation

Golf | Guitar | Music

Cars | Aircrafts


Master of Science in Computer Science (Computer Networks)

University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology

Vellore Institute of Technology University, Vellore, India


Cisco Systems (Aug'11 - Jun'13)

Software Engineer II
  • Design & development of the systems and infrastructure components of Cisco's edge routers (ASR9k)
  • Design & development of drivers and infrastructure to support new hardware on the ASR9k Chassis
  • Worked closely with teams across the world for hardware dependencies and development of the software.
  • Developed automated scripts and tools for a system wide testing for the developer in order to isolate collateral issues.
  • Worked closely with the integration of SNMP, XML and other user side tools for fetching system information during runtime.
  • Developed an infrastructure for the edge routers to have a fault manager which would be a centralized database of faults and take recovery actions for the same.

  • Promoted to Software Engineer II
  • "Outstanding" rating during the fiscal year 2011-2012
  • Bagged 5 Cisco Performance awards for exceptional work and performance for critical projects and issues

Technical Skills:

C, C++, Web Development, Python, PHP, Networking & Routing Protocols

eBay India (Jan'11 - May'11)

Software Development Intern
  • Integrated OpenID framework to the existing eBay infrastructure in order for users to easily signup into eBay using accounts on partner websites and acqusitions
  • Developed a tool which would help the fraud risks department to minimize the drop off of users during the verification process

  • OpenID project was showcased and highly appreciated and at SkunksWorks @ eBay

Technical Skills:

Java, PHP, Web Development & Network Security

Genpact (Jun'09 - Jul'09)

Summer Intern
  • Evaluated and fixed the issues with the Knowledge sharing portal of Genpact

Technical Skills:

Microsoft SharePoint Server


  • OpenID Provider & Client @ eBay, India

    Java, MySQL
    Open ID is a decentralized authentication system in which the users can use their credentials belonging to a different domain to log in as a authenticated user in another domain. Both the provider side, i.e. eBay users using their eBay accounts to log in to other domains and client side, i.e. non-eBay users having accounts on other Open ID providers (Viz. Google, Yahoo, etc.) to be able to log into eBay as a authentic user, were developed

  • Verification Drop off Tracker @ eBay, India

    Java, Oracle
    Verification Drop off Tracker is a tool that provides the accurate and live details about the state of the verification processes used in eBay. This tool is generic, such that its code can be reused by other application in the eBay’s framework and that the new processes added are easily incorporated in the tool to provide details about the same

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    Micro C
    UAV is a computerized small aircrafts used for surveillance. This included programming the UAV such that it supports marking waypoints using maps, live video telemetry, packet drops & photography in a stealth mode

  • VITZaz

    ASP.Net, SQL Server
    A knowledge sharing portal for VIT University

  • Self Optimizing racing game

    C#, Game Studio, Maya, 3Ds Max, SoundBooth
    A racing game which can optimize itself

  • CLI Linux Configuration Tool

    Java, Shell Scripting, C, Socket Programming
    Command Line Interface linux configuration tool for Non-Tech Savvy people

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    PHP, MySQL
    Developing a portal for the students to view and ask FAQ’s about the various activities, events, etc. in the university

  • Cryptography

    Generating an algorithm in which a particular word is encrypted in a way, which is almost impossible to decrypt without the proper decryption mechanisms. It included permutation and combination, letter location, word location and content type

  • Facebook App for IPhone & Android

    Objective C, Java
    Facebook app and widget for Android & IPhone/I-Pod Touch

  • Organizer App for IPhone & Android

    Objective C, Java
    Organizer help you keep organized with your schedule on the go

  • Inventory Management System

    J2EE, Access
    Inventory management system was aimed at the managing of inventory and automatically placing orders with the vendors when the stocks level reaches a threshold

  • Digital Diary

    Java, MySQL
    Digital Diary aims at helping people manage their contacts, appointments & plan things in a very organized manner.


  • Programming Languages:

    C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Visual Basic, Java, J2EE, ASP. Net, HTML, PHP, Ruby, Python, Action Script, VBScript, Basic, XML, Flash, Maya Embedded Language (MEL) & Shell Scripting

  • Databases:

    Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office Access & MySQL

  • Operating Systems:

    Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, Mac OS X, DOS, Windows 3.1, IOS, Android & Linux

  • Softwares:

    X-Code, VMWare, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, Adobe Photoshop/ After Effects/ Flash/ Reader/ Sound Booth/ Dreamweaver/ Premier Pro/ Fireworks, Corel, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Ansys, Cisco Packet Tracer, CC Proxy, Ulead Video Studio, Live Type, Final Cut Pro & Windows Movie Maker.

  • Technologies:

    XNA Game Studio, Apache Tomcat, IIS 7.0/6.0/5.0, WAMP, MAMP, .Net 3.5 & Web Services

Reach Me

Primary #: (213)-785-4935

2353, Portland Street, Apt# 20, Los Angeles, CA 90007